Self Awareness

My packrat tendencies have been tolerated by my loving husband since we started dating more than 2 decades ago. At some points he was almost buried in his wife's hobbies and compulsive clutter. He patiently has supported me through all my "phases" with my stuff even when it made him miserable.

So here I am formally saying "thank you" to my husband, my rock, my steadfast man for being there even when it was uncomfortable for him.

I am at a clearer place now, I can see what the "stuff" does to his wellbeing. In fact it now does that to my wellbeing too.

Last night, in a quiet moment alone with him, I apologized for being so messy all these years. He was curious as to why that would suddenly come up (I had no reason) and said I was much tidier now than I've ever been.

So he has noticed! That's great news!

There are still times when I feel behind on fixing my messes, but I really am better. I feel lighter, safer, overall more content than I ever have.

THANK YOU to all the simplifying bloggers out there for motivating me, keeping me focussed and showing me how it's possible. Everyday is getting better.



Victory over the tyranny of excess happens by winning tiny battles.
My husband took a load to the recycling centre, including an ancient skill saw and some odd construction materials.
My own victories include more clothes and books and the following items from around the house....
Diningroom:"dated" tablecloths, bun basket and the less-chosen small teapot.
Kitchen: A fancy swiss potato ricer, some toddler-friendly eating things, cheese slicer, and other oddities

Bathroom: Not my colours.

Every box that goes fills me with a pleasant lightness!