The fabulous Tea drawer

Drawers are a wonderful thing! Easy access to all sorts of random items, tidily tucked away with a gentle push. Of course this fantastic organizational tool can get terribly messy very quickly so diligence is needed to keep it all working well.

I have a few designated drawers in the kitchen. Items of one category and ONLY that category.
Plastic containers
Kitchen cloths

The drawer defines how much of that category I can store practically. I could have more than the drawer can handle, but that only leads to frustration and clutter (trust me, I know from years of experience). Some of the other drawers are less organized/defined. The chaos drawers!

Dry pantry goods like pasta and random bagged foods
Chef knives/measuring cups and spoons/ awkward utensils (like whisk)
Snack drawer

This drawers wax and wane with degrees of chaos and states of fullness. Works in progress...

But the defined drawers work VERY well as long as I stick to the one-in-one-out and respect the physical limits.

(I am particularly proud of my tea set up, it's a rainbow of tea options!)