The more I look, the more I find

Things from the kitchen, the bathroom, the hall, the laundry room, the shelves, and the office!
PLUS a decent sized bag of boys clothes that are outgrown.

MOST of it is going to charity, and the building set is going to a friend with young boys that has asked for all the building kits that my boys will part with.


pressure to go on

The wall.

Runners know it… that point where continuing on seems impossible. When the muscles rebel, and vision gets distorted, the point that stopping feels inevitable.

That's where I am with the decluttering today. It seems hopeless, all this stuff just keeps coming in and smothering my efforts for a tidy home. AND CHRISTMAS IS COMING!

I'm praying that, like the runner's wall, if I just push a little further it will all come together in the euphoria called the "second wind".

Today's strategy is looking at a place in the house that isn't what I want and setting a 15 minute timer to see what can be done. After all, 15 minutes is not a huge investment. With a finite time, I should be able to press some urgency into the decisions and not sweat the small stuff.


Once those questions are answered as quickly as possible, a quick sort is needed.

  • Keep? if yes, where is it supposed to fit? if no… go to next option.
  • Sell? if yes, do I have time to list it? if no… go to next option...
  • Donate? put it in the box! Take the box to the trunk of the car for the next outing.
  • Gift? for whom? ask the person if they want it right away. Set a time limit.
  • Toss/recycle? Get it out now!


more more more!

The once loved DS is neglected now that the app-machine is here. So I offered to sell the DS for my son. YES! It sold within a week of posting it as a lot with the charger and a few games and the cool guitar case.

ALSO, I went through the cold-weather things and had the boys choose what they wanted.

AND I went through my kitchen and got rid of some bulky "convenience" items that are more annoying to clean than they are worth.

AND I went through my boots and selected a couple pairs that never seems to have the right occasion  to wear

AND I revisited the cables and wires bin and pared that in HALF (with my husband's help) only keeping the best quality version of each kind of cable.

2 large boxes and one grocery bag of good quality charity donations and some spending money for my son.
Happy day!