Every Day

Every day is full of new challenges and adventures.

Every day I am finding something to declutter from the house and a healthy something to eat from the garden, so every day I find something to be happy about!

Some days are mundane (full of answering work emails) and some are full of small thrills (like harvesting the 24th zucchini) - note just because the thrill is small doesn't make it any less fun!

I have never enjoyed gardening so much! There is something completely wonderful about eating something scratched out of the earth from your own efforts. Sure the lettuce may be a bit "intense" compared to grocery store stuff (more vitamins?) and everything has to be checked over for bug-damage... but that's just proof that it's got no pesticides. I love it.


Pantry Challenge

It's Pantry Challenge time again!

With the garden in full giving of many beautiful veggies, it's time to clear out some space in the freezer in anticipation of more harvests.

We've been very mindful about processed foods since April, so no ugly ingredients have been in the pantry for a while (amazingly easier to shop!), food is eaten more regularly and it's REAL food!

The freezer is fairly full, again, but it's all good stuff.  No "convenience" meals.... have you ever noticed how so-called convenience entrees take just as long to bake as fresh meals that are simply better in every way? The only challenge is being sure that the ingredients are at hand.... mindful shopping and menu planning easily take care of that.

My number one tip for better meals every night of the week:
- Look at the weekly flyer and plan meals around the local, seasonal foods that are on sale.
(I plan for 5 dinners and make enough for leftovers to take for lunches - 2 spontaneous dinners a week either from opportunities provided by meat discounts or other unplanned invitations or cravings)

Little food is spoiled and between the wonders of homemade soups, stir fries and our chickens eating the scraps.

But for now, dinner plans with be made around the freezer's inventory and my garden's yield instead.