Every Day

Every day is full of new challenges and adventures.

Every day I am finding something to declutter from the house and a healthy something to eat from the garden, so every day I find something to be happy about!

Some days are mundane (full of answering work emails) and some are full of small thrills (like harvesting the 24th zucchini) - note just because the thrill is small doesn't make it any less fun!

I have never enjoyed gardening so much! There is something completely wonderful about eating something scratched out of the earth from your own efforts. Sure the lettuce may be a bit "intense" compared to grocery store stuff (more vitamins?) and everything has to be checked over for bug-damage... but that's just proof that it's got no pesticides. I love it.

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Jennye said...

I actually kind of like having to check the garden greens for bug eggs and things like that: all part of the freshness factor. :)