Post-Christmas fall out

I succeeded in not getting a bunch of clutter for Christmas! People respected my wishes and got me very little in the way of presents, opting instead for long visits over food and a bottle of wine. (a MUCH BETTER gift in my opinion)

Over this last few days some things were inevitably added however, so some things had to be removed.

3 large Coca-cola glasses added = 4 miscellaneous drinking glasses removed
High quality pressure cooker added = entry level quality pressure cooker removed

Also removed:
- 2 cotton bath mats (I don't need 4 now that I only have 1 shower!)
- more books (there are always more books!)
- 6 boxes of incandescent Christmas light strings (New, still in the box) that were left from the previous home-owners.

I challenge you to take a few minutes to see if anything you got for Christmas can completely replace something you already have. And if so, I challenge you to pass the older item on to another person that can use it.


More Sentimental Attachments

These are really beautiful books. Full of detailed illustrations and layered with notes, textures and other tactile pleasures (opening envelopes, feathers, glass beads and ribbons)
But as pretty as they are, I have poured over them enough times to know that I have gotten my money's worth out of them and it's time to let them go to another appreciative fantasy reader.
They are listed online for a reasonable price and already one has sold!


Inside, Outside, Upside-down

It's a snow day here, the weather outside is slopping down some heavy, wet flakes (too wet to be fun).
A great day to tackle an indoor challenge. We have guests coming into town, the mmost logical thing to do is ask both boys to share a room and set up the guests in the big-boy's room. HOWEVER, he hasn't even finished unpacking all the way yet, and his room is simply a mess.
I have my work cut out for me.

By noon, I had made serious headway!

Not perfect, but MUUUUCH better!


GOAL#27 - Letting Go

I LOVE vintage Fisher Price Little People.

I really enjoyed collecting them for my children to enjoy (and my nieces followed), and my love for them hasn't faded just because everyone has outgrown them.

BUT leaving them stored in mystery boxes is no good to anyone. Displaying all of them isn't an option for my house either.

Decisions had to be made... which ones are special enough to me to stay... which are okay to trust to new families?

GOAL #27 - Seperate the Precious from the Neglected in my Vintage Fisher Price Little People collection. Then sell the excess.


Step #1: Find and sort all the Fisher Price. Decide what is good, what is special and what there are too many of.

Step #2: Take photos of and list the ones I have the heart to part with. Grouping them logically for lot sales.

Step #3: Find a way to honour the remaining toys.

Verdict: I still haven't found a few of my favourites... basement? Shed? I know they are somewhere, but they are hiding (are they scared of being cut?), the photography was fun (now I have a digital record of my toys too) As for the selling part -- Wow that went fast! Within an hour I had several emails from other vintage FP enthusiasts! One lady came and bought everything I listed at full price with the request that I email her if I have any more to sell. I have found an appropriate place to display the house (oh how I wanted a house like that as a kid).

(dream house displayed in the laundry room)
And all the ones off to a new home...


A bunch of sizable toys are cleared from the premises!

Picture Update

4 more shirts are removed, good quality but "not quite right"

A box of miscellaneous goodies for the thrift store

Too small kids riding gloves for sale

Another pair of too small kids riding gloves for sale
 20 books in a childrens's series (sold for $20)

I took a box of the better stuff to my friend in Courtenay that sells stuff online for fundraising.


Goal #26: Breaking Eggs

Billable Hours: the life blood of the self-employed.

Having many clients is great because all my eggs aren't in one basket. But how do I know when there are too many baskets?

It's come to the point where I have to decide who I will let down, and which deadlines I need to miss. Not a great thing to do. Obviously the least appealing people to disappoint are my family (after all they are who I love the most), even if they don't pay me (LOL).

GOAL #26; Decluttering a client so I can do my job better.

Process: Things that were weighed in the decision:
Job satisfaction - do I love the work I do for this person?
Potential life of client relationship - a one-off design or a long time client?
Wage per hour - less per hour means I have to work more hours away from my family!

What "basket" could I afford to drop to break the least eggs? Which client do I have to disapoint?

Result: The answer was more obvious that I cared to admit. Though I enjoyed the work (technical/schematic drawings) at an intellectual level and the employer is a great guy that had guaranteed a trickle of hours from now until forever, the hourly wage is about 1/3 what I charge for my design time. And so I was always putting his stuff off in favor of the higher paying, creatively stimulating stuff.

It weighed on my conscience being late all the time. I wasn't pulling my own weight, and it ate at me that I was letting the team down repeatedly... I COULD do a great job, but I wasn't.

I called my supervisor (a friend) and she counselled that I let myself go so that the company could find someone more available. Honestly I thought she would try to talk me out of it. OUCH. The boss took my decision a little harder than that and seemed genuinely disapointed that I was leaving. We agreed that I would call when I had more time (at least that bridge isn't burned). And he took away the tool belt, plans, binder and laptop computer that came with the gig. (less stuff! a bright side!)

Now I am juggling less baskets and my workload does feel lighter.

Chipping Away at it

I bought some new clothes in a weak moment, and my "one-in-one-out " Rule had to be inforced!
 Plastic embroidery canvas that I have to admit I won't use
 A book that the kids have outgrown (one of dozens that I have unloaded lately to the school)
 Pillow shams that are too dark for my new bedroom
 Games that I thought the kids and I could play together, but we didn't
 Really uncomfortable ear buds
Toys I sold on-line this week ($10)!