Post-Christmas fall out

I succeeded in not getting a bunch of clutter for Christmas! People respected my wishes and got me very little in the way of presents, opting instead for long visits over food and a bottle of wine. (a MUCH BETTER gift in my opinion)

Over this last few days some things were inevitably added however, so some things had to be removed.

3 large Coca-cola glasses added = 4 miscellaneous drinking glasses removed
High quality pressure cooker added = entry level quality pressure cooker removed

Also removed:
- 2 cotton bath mats (I don't need 4 now that I only have 1 shower!)
- more books (there are always more books!)
- 6 boxes of incandescent Christmas light strings (New, still in the box) that were left from the previous home-owners.

I challenge you to take a few minutes to see if anything you got for Christmas can completely replace something you already have. And if so, I challenge you to pass the older item on to another person that can use it.

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Karen E said...

I didn't get a lot for Christmas, but my mother decided my not wanting "stuff" meant she should go buy stuff for my critters instead. lol Time to sort through the dog toys!