GOAL#27 - Letting Go

I LOVE vintage Fisher Price Little People.

I really enjoyed collecting them for my children to enjoy (and my nieces followed), and my love for them hasn't faded just because everyone has outgrown them.

BUT leaving them stored in mystery boxes is no good to anyone. Displaying all of them isn't an option for my house either.

Decisions had to be made... which ones are special enough to me to stay... which are okay to trust to new families?

GOAL #27 - Seperate the Precious from the Neglected in my Vintage Fisher Price Little People collection. Then sell the excess.


Step #1: Find and sort all the Fisher Price. Decide what is good, what is special and what there are too many of.

Step #2: Take photos of and list the ones I have the heart to part with. Grouping them logically for lot sales.

Step #3: Find a way to honour the remaining toys.

Verdict: I still haven't found a few of my favourites... basement? Shed? I know they are somewhere, but they are hiding (are they scared of being cut?), the photography was fun (now I have a digital record of my toys too) As for the selling part -- Wow that went fast! Within an hour I had several emails from other vintage FP enthusiasts! One lady came and bought everything I listed at full price with the request that I email her if I have any more to sell. I have found an appropriate place to display the house (oh how I wanted a house like that as a kid).

(dream house displayed in the laundry room)
And all the ones off to a new home...


A bunch of sizable toys are cleared from the premises!

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