Goal #25 Christmas Glamour

Background: Years ago I figured out that the house was nicer the whole year long if I limited Seasonal Decorative items to one place, and even better, one container. A large antique steamer trunk that was my Grandpa's.

A couple of things have changed recently.

#1: Moving from a new house means different architecture for decorations. The biggest differences are no more stair rails, and no mantle... all the goodies that always were wrapped around the railing or perched on the mantle need to be reconsidered or eliminated!

#2: The kids are older, therefore the decorating can be for an older audience... less cartoony polar bears and smiling snowmen for example... thanks to us moving and having so different surroundings this year, the quiet removal of the less-dear items should go smoothly.

Goal #25: Review Christmas decorations and edit before December 1st so the charity thrift stores can still sell them this season.

Process: Pull out EVERYTHING from the Christmas chest. Think about where each item will go in this house and whether it is appropriate for the new dream asthetic. Immediately pack them for the thrift shop.

Results: The pictures speak for themselves!



Goal #24 Sentimental Clutter

Time to admit it. They brought me a lot of joy... they comforted me in less-happy times... they brought a smile to my lips many times...
But NOW it seems they are invisible, and I resent the chore of cleaning and displaying them.
Hopefully they will bring happiness to the next person, my experience of owning them is done, and now I must let go.
(Very ornate ink dish from a dear childhood friend)

(Tea figurines from my childhood)

(My best, favourite - and last- china unicorn from my former collection)

(Collectable Wizard crystal figure... my mom got it as a growing up present over 2 decades ago... alas, he's not my style anymore)

Bye Bye old friends. I will remember you fondly. I release you without regret.


After the Flood (cabinet flood that is)

Along the same sort of line as the make-up clean out, I tackled some lotions this week.

This task was thrust upon me as a drain leaked in one of the bathrooms and flooded the cabinet. I had a box under there that I hadn't dealt with since the move (out of sight out of mind), and the soggy cardboard bottom forced the timeline!

Honestly I thought I had dealt with all the toiletries before the move, but my definitions of "valuable" seem to have changed over the last few months.... it's fine to admit that something that was once precious isn't precious in this new life/time/place.

Since I did not miss the box of creams and lotions, I was able to effectively remove all but one nice container of lovely high quality bath salts (that I actually had looked for earlier this month). All the others, no matter how luxurious or pretty smelling hit the bin with no regrets. It's funny that last Spring when I went through them that I felt the need to hang onto those... back when bathroom cupboard space was at a premium too.

After hubby fixed the leak (he is a very handy guy), I took the opportunity to containerize what was left under there, so if there is a leak again, it will be easy to clean up AND so that like items are together for easy finding!

(note the empty container under a container - I'm proud of that)


Picture Proof

From one of my favourite declutttering websites. 365lessthings
Monday – Declutter something from a bedroom. (this is more than one thing technically)
Tuesday - Declutter something from your kitchen. (tiny tart pan from my husband's Grandma's kitchen supplies that we inherited 20 years ago)
Wednesday - Declutter something from your bathroom.

Thursday - Declutter something from your living room. (2 more books I will likely never miss)

Friday - Declutter something from your dining area. (from the random-pretty-things drawer in my china cabinet - a simple, glass, clip frame that never got hung)

Saturday - Declutter something from your basement, attic or garage. (old camping clothes)

Sunday - Sunday is reserved for contemplating one particular item, of your choice that is proving difficult for you to declutter. (a stunning, daringly styled top that I've held on to since before kids! I always thought I'd make a throw pillow with it, it's time to admit to myself that I won't)
AND ONE FOR GOOD LUCK.... mittens that no longer fit my kittens.