Goal #25 Christmas Glamour

Background: Years ago I figured out that the house was nicer the whole year long if I limited Seasonal Decorative items to one place, and even better, one container. A large antique steamer trunk that was my Grandpa's.

A couple of things have changed recently.

#1: Moving from a new house means different architecture for decorations. The biggest differences are no more stair rails, and no mantle... all the goodies that always were wrapped around the railing or perched on the mantle need to be reconsidered or eliminated!

#2: The kids are older, therefore the decorating can be for an older audience... less cartoony polar bears and smiling snowmen for example... thanks to us moving and having so different surroundings this year, the quiet removal of the less-dear items should go smoothly.

Goal #25: Review Christmas decorations and edit before December 1st so the charity thrift stores can still sell them this season.

Process: Pull out EVERYTHING from the Christmas chest. Think about where each item will go in this house and whether it is appropriate for the new dream asthetic. Immediately pack them for the thrift shop.

Results: The pictures speak for themselves!


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