Pantry clean out: dry goods edition

Eating better and making better choices while grocery shopping has left some items in my pantry that no longer fit my current lifestyle.

So off to the food bank bin they go.... I do feel a little bit of mixed emotions about this. After all, if I don't think it's good for me, why would I give it to someone else? On the other hand, it's completely edible and a loathe wasting food! So I will donate it and hope that the person actually wants these foods in their life. Who am I to sensor other people's diets, right? It's not total crap after all, just stuff I am choosing not to eat right now.

 There will be more to add to the donations as I tackle other cupboards....

In the fridge, I already got rid of the sugar laden condiments (except ketchup) and store bought salad dressings. I draw the line at the homemade jams, they are staying (to be used in moderation). Sure they are full of sugar, but I know exactly what is in them, nothing fake added! It wasn't fun putting the various types of goo down the sink, but it isn't suitable for the chicken or the compost (bears and raccoons would love that action). Oh I loathe wasting food even if it is just a few half empty bottles of things like nasty, processed, brand name ranch dressing!


gone gone gone

As summer leaves us and the leaves fall down and fall creeps in with cool nights and pretty smelling days, the sun peaks lower and the mountain peaks look clearer (and closer) and my clothes get their season change over.

The best mantra I have ever come up with above all others to make a decision about letting something go is this:


Anything I truly love or find genuinely useful could never accidentally get tossed, and the things that go are consciously devalued before going.

Honestly there are so many things in the average house that serve no real purpose, or could be so much better served with someone else! Sometimes its just a matter of timing, maybe the enjoyment has run it's course, or even the usefulness has served it's purpose in a different phase of life. Thats the thing about stuff, no decision to keep has to be permanent!

Even sentimental items. There are objects I clung to desperately in my young adult life that I find are more nuisance than joy now. Happy Shiny Me Solution: Take a lovely photo of it with good lighting and then release it to the next person that may appreciate it. Sometimes when I wonder "whatever happened to..." I scroll through the file that holds all those images and smile. No regrets with any of it so far.

As you can probably tell by the intro, this has been a great week for donations!

Pared down my jackets -I found SIX trench coats of different lengths and colours, but really, why?! I kept 1 long/light and 1 short/dark
Streamlined my dresses (asking my husband which were his favourites and boxing the rest)
Summer shoes that didn't get worn all season
Winter boots that I couldn't bear the thought of wearing again at for the upcoming season
Some tattered items got repurposed as garage rags
A small amount of office supplies I no longer use - donated
A few of my son's cute stuffed animals in perfect condition (he's 13 now)

In total: 2 decent sized boxes of stuff that won't be taking up space here anymore!

Not a bad start to fall!