Pantry clean out: dry goods edition

Eating better and making better choices while grocery shopping has left some items in my pantry that no longer fit my current lifestyle.

So off to the food bank bin they go.... I do feel a little bit of mixed emotions about this. After all, if I don't think it's good for me, why would I give it to someone else? On the other hand, it's completely edible and a loathe wasting food! So I will donate it and hope that the person actually wants these foods in their life. Who am I to sensor other people's diets, right? It's not total crap after all, just stuff I am choosing not to eat right now.

 There will be more to add to the donations as I tackle other cupboards....

In the fridge, I already got rid of the sugar laden condiments (except ketchup) and store bought salad dressings. I draw the line at the homemade jams, they are staying (to be used in moderation). Sure they are full of sugar, but I know exactly what is in them, nothing fake added! It wasn't fun putting the various types of goo down the sink, but it isn't suitable for the chicken or the compost (bears and raccoons would love that action). Oh I loathe wasting food even if it is just a few half empty bottles of things like nasty, processed, brand name ranch dressing!

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