GOAL #28 - Starting the year off right

Welcome to 2013!

In the spirit of tradition, it is time to make resolutions for the upcoming year.

For the purpose of this blog (and my sanity) I will continue to strive for
"A place for everything and everything in it's place"

And to kick things off right...

Goal #28: No freezer or pantry items bought in January!

That's right! It's pantry shopping time! No suffering will be happening as my freezer and pantry are ridiculous at the moment (hense the need to do this).

Process: How it works is that I MUST create meals from foods that I already have in the house. The only exception are the fresh items that are staples (milk, eggs, bread, fruits/veg).

The purpose of this goal is to save a bit of money, use up items that have been forgotten before they expire, and clear space for new opportunities!

I will be posting regularly to let you know how it's going. Today I took inventory of the freezer to see what fun meals can be made this month.


inventory : as of 10 minutes ago!

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