GOAL #31 - The 'Ultimate'

Background: I love the layered flexibility that cardigans give me. Cozy comfort at my chilly desk, but I can take it off as I warm up bustling around the house. Cardigans are a staple in my work-from-home uniform. I own them in varying lengths, weights and colours.

These week I went out with my sister for lunch downtown and we happened by a wonderful little shop, that happened to have an excellent end-of-season sale rack. Oh the pretty things! After trying on a few items that I rejected because of price, fit or style, I found what may just be the ULTIMATE cardigan!

This particular purchase (that I am wearing right now) has a nice long sleeve length, a great collar, a good overall length, ample front pockets (great for the MP3 player) and is constructed from a nice dark waffle fabric finished with good quality stitching. And it was on the 60% off rack! It has instantly rendered several cardigans in my closet as obsolete!

GOAL#31 - Cull the inferior Cardigans!

Process: Now that this 'perfect'  sweater has come into my life, I will have to try on all the others in the closet and give a quick pruning to my collection.

Verdict: OMG that was a really really hard challenge. I pulled out every cardigan I own, and to my shock and amazement I had TWO DOZEN (24) hanging in my closet! Asking the same questions I always do for clothes:
Does it fit?
Is it flattering?
Is it comfortable?
Has it seen better days?
Does it fit into my current life?

All 24 of them had redeeming qualities! I had to get fierce. Finally I removed FOUR that I either never chose or  - being completely honest - were too frumpy (but those are the softest ones so it was tough). My new, ultimate cardigan displaced 4, not-quite-perfect ones.

So is there any item in your kitchen/closet/garage that is so very perfect that every other similar item pales by comparison? I challenge you to find new homes for the cheap imitations. If it is simply too hard to be left with 'only' one, keep the #2 favourite as a "back up" and see if you can part with anything that disappoints. (I know, I couldn't even get close to that dream with the cardigans, but at least I made an effort and came away with some success.)

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