GOAL #29 - Colour me Perfect

I like having my nail polish in a portable container... first of all it's practical to carry where I will be decorating my nails. AND it's like a treasure chest full of sparkling jewels, I get a thrill out of opening it and seeing all the pretty colours.
Since moving and consolidating all like things into one spece (without the excuse of having 2 floors/levels to have things on). I found out all my nail polishes don't fit into my favourite container any more! Though we technically have waaaay more bathroom storage here, I really want to fit them all in the "treasure chest".

GOAL #29: Fit all my nailpolishes into their home container.

Process: Gather them all together and weed out the bad quality polishes, the less-than-flattering colours and the ones I never ever choose to wear. The only way I could remember which ones were good or pretty on me (not just pretty in the bottles) I had to try them all out! By doing this I also figured out which ones stayed tacky too long and which ones had annoying brushes. Then I wore them for a day to see which clashed with my skin tone or wore off too easily.

Verdict: I managed to get rid of 6 colours and now the treasure chest closes easily!

Bye Bye Extra Nail Polishes!

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