A week ago, I bought a 100% cotton v-neck sweater at the thrift shop thinking it was a "sure thing"  - after all I love cotton garments and v-necks are my favourite cut.

Alas, though comfortable, it turns out the fit is a bit off and the pattern/colour isn't as awesome on me as I would have hoped. In short I will likely choose other sweaters in my closet to wear instead.

In the words of Homer Simpson "Du-oh!"

My normal instinct is to "give it another chance" because I spent good money on it (even thrift store prices is money spent). This time, I made a decisive choice to cut my losses and give it back to the thrift shop as a lesson learned.

That is a monumental moment for me! I wonder how many more of these "mistakes" are lurking un-loved in my closet?

Lesson of the day: Let go of the guilt, and let go of the reminder of the mistake. GET IT OUT OF THE HOUSE!

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