Goal #28 - Update III

Pantry challenge is entering week #3 and no suffering or weird foods made yet!
Bonus: I cleaned out the fridge and tossed some expired dressings and 3 forgotten plums.

  • bananas,
  • eggs,
  • cream,
  • milk,
  • bread,
  • fresh ground sirloin beef,
  • bagels,
  • sour cream,
  • deli meats,
  • kale salad mix (new to me and YUMMY!)

Menu from last week:
  • Perogies w/ farmer's sausage
  • Halibut w/ lemon confit sauce on rice
  • Pork tenderloin in a Souvalaki marinade w/ Greek potatoes
  • Rueben Sandwiches
  • Pumpkin Leek Soup
  • Tortellini Alfredo
  • Spaghetti w/ home-made meat tomato sauce
  • Spinach and Mushroom Strata Casserole

Not bad at all! The boys gave funny looks to the strata casserole, but otherwise no complaints.

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