Nobody is Perfect

Into my 3rd week of Goal#28's Pantry Challenge I have had a slip up. I bought some canned and dry goods yesterday. (Crackers, Juice, Coconut Milk and Spaghetti Noodles)  I feel bad that my willpower slipped, but I'm not beating myself up about it too long. These are items that I use regularly, then again I know I could have lived without ANY of these things for 2 more weeks - darn sale prices!!

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Christy said...

You are right, it is one minor slip up. I have to remind myself this stuff goes on sale again on a regular basis. But it is ok. You could have a husband like mine who does his "own" shopping and every time he does he brings home a two pound box of spaghetti and a bag of chocolate chips. I now have 12# spaghetti and 6 bags of chocolate chips X(.