Puppy Love

You know that feeling of infatuation, distraction and warm tingly desire that new love brings.... of course you do, we all feel it at one time or another. Sometimes the puppy love is over the silliest things, a new handbag, a sweet pair of shoes, CHOCOLATE. When you see it, you gotta have it and that is when you try to make owning it happen.

My latest technique for letting go of items is asking "Would I buy this again?"

Funny, even if it was something I "had to have" when I got it, even if it was something I totally loved, I have learned to recognize that the love has fizzled, and I might not buy it in my present life. Admitting that the relationship with this thing isn't what it used to be gives me the power to let go.

I loved these things, and for that I'm thankful for the experience of owning it. Finding to courage to say goodbye to such a tiny fraction of a physical souvenir doesn't have to be as difficult as we make it out to be.

The more I let go, the more open I feel.

Instead of leaving the opportunity to think "oh I used to love this" with that pang of sadness of days gone by, or even worse thinking "I spent a lot on that" when it's not being used anymore, I say LET IT GO! Release the guilt and the sad nostalgia.

Today's hit list:
2 small purses I used to adore. Purses I would not buy if I saw them today.

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Karen E said...

Great way to think about things. There are still things I have that I wouldn't buy again. lol