So many things - MORE GOALS

There are so many things in houses that are never looked at. Nooks and crannies full of the seldom thought about stuff that we keep "just in case". Think about all the little baskets/bins/decorative boxes tucked around the average person's place that are there to "organize" miscellaneous bits and bobs. And how often - when those bits and bobs are required - can we remember which container they are in? Well I for one only remember where the item is only about 20% of the time, which tells me there are TOO MANY PLACES TO LOOK!

GOALS! Sort through and Eliminate Excess Containers in One Room Each Week.
  • Goal #32 Master Bedroom
  • Goal #33 Livingroom
  • Goal #34 Office/Den
  • Goal #35 Kitchen/Dining
  • Goal #36 Entryway/laundryroom
  • Goal #37 Bathrooms
  • Goal #38 Other bedrooms
  • Goal #39 Linen/Broom closets
I have been through all these bins when I moved a few months ago, but even while I went through them I said the "oh that's where that is" and closed the container up for the move. It's all blurred together now... the red felt hatbox in the bedroom? Or was it the little seagrass basket in the livingroom? Maybe the bright green bin under the sink in the bathroom? The hunt begins, ending with me finding the item... eventually.

The problem is these bins are pretty, they are "organizing solutions", and that is a good thing -- in theory. For most people I think they are really "hiding places"!

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Karen E said...

"Organizing solutions" make for big business! I think we're all looking for the perfect thing that will help us organize our loads of junk. lol We have to realize that if we just have less crap, we don't need to blow money on baskets and boxes and bags...