GOAL #30 - Slack-ing Off

Situations change for everyone, it's a part of life! Maybe it's time to recognize and honour these transitions with a wardrobe revisit! After all, waistlines change, jobs change, fashions change too.

GOAL # 30 - Make sure all my slacks are ones that are loved!

Process: Pull ALL my pants out of the closet. Try every pair on.
Do they still fit?!
Are they flattering/comfortable?
Are they deperately out of fashion?
Are they favourites?
Do they have any real function in my current life?

I know I have culled my "office" slacks before - after all I haven't worked in an office environment in 12 years! And sice I no longer require black slacks everyday, I realistically don't need very many of them, maybe even just 2 pairs right? There were MANY more than that thanks to my sister's fancy work dress code and generous nature. I said "yes" too many times when she was cleaning out her closet. After all she has excellent taste, a very similar body shape and a decent clothes budget. I got real. And the pictures speak for themselves really....

Verdict: 9 pairs of slacks are off to the thrift shop (leaving me with an ample 8 pairs for every occassion I can think of!) I let go of MORE than HALF!!! I also culled 5 pairs of jeans, leaving only my 5 very favourites. HALF of the pants that were in my closet were redundant or uncomfortable!

Getting rid of these extra clothing items also frees me from the guilt of never wearing the fancy brands, or ugly feelings from a bad fit. I feel good about this - and about giving these good quality slacks to charity.
"Office Slacks" Starting Point:
The Donation Pile of Slacks!
The Donation Pile of Jeans!
Much Easier to get the "keepers" from my closet!

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Karen E said...

Feels good, doesn't it? I love that my closet contains only items I enjoy wearing. =) Much better than digging through items I never wear trying to find those few I do. Good job on the closet culling!