What have you done for me lately?

Moving forward, I keep finding things to let go. It's getting easier to make decisions! It's all about the questions I have for the things I encounter...

  1. Have I used you this year?
  2. Do I have another one/a better one?
  3. Do you add value to my family's life?
  4. Do I love you?
  5. Will someone else appreciate you more?
  6. Are you easy to replace?

Not all the questions need to be asked to know that the item can leave my home without regret.

Today's items... Disneyland souvenir coffee tins and an empty tea tin that I liked the shape of.

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Jennye said...

We had to get to the back of our lazy susan corner cupboard when we installed our new dish-washer, and once all the items from there were piled on my kitchen floor I realized that fully a half of them would be easily not missed if they were to be sold on Craigslait.....funny how you can even forget what you have!