Daily Grind

With a picture of what my ideal space SHOULD be, this daily process of selecting things to donate away is getting easier.

(Time willing) Every item I come across is getting interrogated: 
"What have you done for me lately?" 
"Why should I keep you around to take up space and resources?" 
"Is there something similar that works better or is preferred?" 
"Will I suffer in any way if you are not in my life anymore?!"

Even though I just took 2 decent sized boxes away last week (Post-Christmas cull), There is now another box almost full today. The dining cabinet that houses the table linens got a once-over today. I found a variety of things to part with: candle holders that aren't my cup of tea anymore, and some tea cups too, a stoneware platter that I never really liked (a gift), a stainless steel martini shaker that leaks to the point of me never wanting to touch it, and a couple picture frames (what were they even doing there?). All that hiding and crowding the linens and platters that are actually used!

The cupboard works better now. And that is the whole point of this exercise -- make the space work for the life I live now.

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