Imagination exercise revisited

The moving plan I posed on the 13th of last month isn't going quite as planned.

It's not that I don't have boxes lying around... Unfortunately I do. There is a 4 cubic foot assortment of "stuff" that is homeless right now wandering from room to room.

It's crap (I mean precious belongings) that came from my office when it was bad that made its way to the laundry room of doom that then got moved to the family room when the renovations started in there! It got moved back to the office and had to get shuffled back to the laundry room when the office had to be tidy for a meeting... And back to the family room when it was time to hang the ceiling in the LR... It's waiting there now, making the family room too messy to be relaxing.

I'm frustrated by this seemingly endless cycle!

Back to the "moving plan"... Only a few items have left the house since my grand packing idea. Some progress is better than none I suppose. If I think about it in space savings - not much yet.

The goal I've been setting are successful in measurable ways, so I'm not being too tough on myself about the moving exercise slowness. Part of the thing that is hanging me up is the boxes chaos that the packing would cause. Part of it is that work has picked up (yay) to the point of needed a lot of my time. More importantly the pretty, sentimental things that are essentially useless are the things I find the hardest to part with (at least mostly). This has been a good way to handle it though, because I have to really LOOK at each item (pretending to pack it) and re evaluate whether I still feel attached to it or whether the item is something that has blended into the background of it's place in the house.

Whenever my honest reaction leans towards ambivalence I get to expel it! (after taking a picture if there are nice memories associated) Slow and steady. Maybe the "moving" day can just be bumped a while, after all it's not a complete loss as an exercise.

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