gone and back again

The ipod touch 1st gen came back.
It didn't play the games that the 9 year old wanted (though I told her that the games were limited before she came to get it in the first place) I suppose I could have been a jerk and said "tough luck, you should have done your research before you bought it." But I didn't. I gave her the money back and accepted the iPod back into my life. Then I loaded it back up with songs and some goofy old games and played with it for a while. There is nothing wrong with it other than it's old and apple doesn't support it anymore. As long as I have it, I can run it.

But the 2 chairs are sold now. The lady seemed happy. And I am happy to have the space and to have the cash too.

Next on the chopping block:

A smallish, ugly, in-the-window, air conditioner. It was a welcome relief from the scorching heat of the other house (with it's full sun exposure and big windows), but in this house it's completely not neccessary. It works and I COULD just keep it in the crawlspace "just in case" since it isn't costing me anything if I don't plug it in.

But thats just silly.

It still works and surely someone is out there desperately wishing they had an air conditioner that doesn't cost a fortune.  
**** in less than 24 hours someone bought it without even haggling - I even found the manual for it! ****

More things that are leaving:

Summer clothes that aren't working for me anymore... I am saving them for the next time I see my slender friend. She may have them or take them to her next clothes swap or sell them as she wishes.

AND some more books (no photo sorry)


Jennye said...

Those tops look super cute! :)

Anonymous said...

doing really good!!!