Season's Change

It's officially Autumn! My favourite season for walks in the woods and organizing house in preparation for cold weather.

I went under my house last weekend when there was a break in the weather and dragged up the bins of autumn clothes (the bulky, hard-core winter stuff can stay down there a while longer).

Tuck away the flip flops and filmy summer frocks until next year...

Out come the cozy sweaters, and cord slacks --- how I love to bring them back into regular rotation! It's like getting them new all over again and brings me a feeling of abundance. (I thought about keeping every season's clothes in the regular closets all year, but the thought of giving up the magical change-over is not appealing to me.)

Also, the hand-me-downs bin came out and my youngest son tried on all the stuff that his brother outgrew (4 years age difference). Suffice it to say they are VERY different body shapes and many outfits simply don't fit in any direction (too long and narrow for my husky youngest)

It is sad to give away perfectly good jeans and pants, but at the same time, it felt GREAT giving a very large box of perfectly decent pants to my sister for her very slim son. She won't have to buy pants for him for at least 2 (maybe even 4) years! (NO PHOTO, but it was an impressive amount). Enough pants did fit that I don't have to go shopping and he won't be naked either!

Other items removed from the home this week:

Ancient, heavy, chop saw (now for sale):
 Theme lego (sold in a day)
Box of shoes, toys and clothes that no one uses (to charity)

and some miscellaneous house hardware that didn't get used in the renovation went to the habitat for humanity store.

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