Now that the hubbub of Christmas is over, the putting away has begun.  I hope you had a good day - I did!

As The beloved Christmas decor items are dusted and wrapped, a great opportunity comes up to critique each item....

- Do I still love this? Or is it being put out from habit?

- Is this still in good shape? Or am I just remembering what it was in its glory days? If it needs TLC, do I still love it enough to fix it properly - right now?

- Is it something that someone I know would love it more? Maybe it should be passed on to them.

- Do I have more decorations than are really needed or wanted? Don't be afraid to be choosy, picky and snobby about what is on display!

I found some outdoor ribbons that are getting tatty after this windy season.  And I pared down some homemade ornaments that the kids weren't all that attached to anymore. I passed on a holiday movie and some Christmas books that the kids have outgrown too.

The other opportunity is when
bringing back the regular home decor items that were displaced by Christmas. How many are going to be put back out?! The same questions will be asked of these things as the Christmas things.

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