Out Out Out!

I little bit early, but a change of season is a great opportunity to put my wardrobe on trial
Do I love it?
Did I wear it this year?
Does it flatter me?

I took away some unneeded/unloved summer clothes, a box of sandals that I didn't wear (thanks Toms for reliably simplifying my shoes), some books that I read and don't need to re-visit and some odd brick-a -brack that served no function (why was it still here?!)

A big bag, and 2 heavy boxes OUT OUT OUT!

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Jennye said...

I've gotten rid of a lot of clothes too lately...
I've still been picking up a few new items at my friends' clothing swaps, admittedly, but I've gotten a lot better at being a) more choosy and b) bringing back the items that I know I shouldn't really have taken in the first place to the NEXT clothing swap. :)