Take THAT clutter!

It looks like the same stuff, but it's two NEW big boxes of stuff leaving!

The contents of these mystery boxes:
a random assortment of linens, 
MORE clothes, 
Fiction and reference books, 
kitchen doodads
Halloween decorations that don't work with this house
All of which are in good enough shape for donating.

Also, not pictured: 
The books, pottery, clothes and toys that my sister scooped
The small bag of rags
The big bag of recyclable papers

I'm feeling really good about this latest purging success. 
It's like a switch has been thrown, the decisions are coming easier. 

Getting dressed in the morning... If I put something on and it doesn't feel right, it goes straight into the box! "Take that you ill fitting garment! I won't accidentally try to wear you again!"

Looking for something in a cupboard, if I come across something that makes me say "I forgot I still had this" then I seriously ponder why I do still have it. Basically I'm being a harsh landlord "what have you done for me lately?" If the item can't prove it's worthiness then it's off to the donate box!

Instead of pondering an items' value, I ponder whether my life will be missing anything if the item is not here. It's amazing how little we really need if we ask the right questions of our stuff!

For some reason I am past thinking about how much it cost, or how much it used to mean to me or it's "what if" potential! This is a revelation, truly, for how much I can freely let go. 

Making donations helps me let go too. Knowing it is benefitting the charity and maybe a new owner too gives me a warm fuzzy feeling that is so much nicer than hanging on to all this stuff.

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doing awesome!!!