Less, only Better

I am listening to the book "Essentialism" by Greg McKeown. (thank you public library) . Only in the first part of the book and I am so moved by the concept!!!! I recommend it for anyone that feels too busy to have a life. Half hour into the book, and I've already posted stuff as "FREE" on line, because I want less, only better. Oh I want it so bad!

The only reason I ever found the book was when I came across a mention of it at a pretty blog ( http://dallas.citymomsblog.com/why-i-got-rid-of-my-wardrobe-capsule-wardrobe/ ) about an organized closet referring to something called a capsule wardrobe that she heard about on (unfancy.com). It sounds too good to be true, but just maybe..... If I am brave......

Un-fancy was clever enough to take the idea of "Less, only Better" and removing the millions of trivial decisions to give proper time for the few important ones. Their capsule wardrobes keep the "what should I wear today?" question and keeping it so simple with a quality, coordinated quantity of clothes. No choice fatigue in her wardrobe!

I admit, the concept is very appealing to me!

My husband enjoys that freedom. Every pair of jeans goes with every T-shirt he owns. He only have comfortable socks and undergarments and has few shoes (all neutral colours). There is his small selection of button up shirts and his one "good" pair of slacks. That's all he needs and other than dirtbiking, it suits all occasions!

Not saying I will switch to only T's and jeans, but the un-fancy contributors look pretty slick! I will be working my wardrobe in that direction.

Wish me luck, in this Essentialism evolution. Choices are power, I don't want to surrender my power to all the things in this house. ....

I will keep you posted.

* freely given away (it only took about 5 seconds for the first mom to hop on the offer) My yard is that much less cluttered now!

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