Hear that? It's the sound of me chipping away at the clutter.

The decluttering process is feeling good! I made huge headway this week and made some cash along the way too.

Here is a gaming console I gave away to someone who is confident they can fix it:

Here is one of SEVERAL sets of little toys I sold:

And a box of random toys for charity too:

Get rid of the toys... don't need the bins! 

A couple pairs of booties that the heel was just slightly "wrong" for me. Sold to a happy happy lady:
Here is a bin of lovely quality sweaters that I sold this week:
Some baking items I wasn't using:
A perfect juicer that was just taking up counter space (it turns out I prefer blender smoothies over juice):

And just today, I decided I wanted to clear more space in my closet.... These items are good, but I can honestly live without them:

The shocking thing, is there is likely even more in the closet I can clear. But I'm not quite ready for the "capsule wardrobe" as I thought I was. Just like I don't like eating the same thing day after day, I enjoy some variety in my closet.

My pantry is full, but not crammed full. My closet is full but not stuffed. My bookshelf has variety but not piles stacked all around the house and my house is cozy but not ridiculously cluttered anymore! These are all amazing accomplishments for me! I have trust that my life will provide. Which means I can let go of what doesn't fit my life RIGHT NOW.

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