A road less travelled

I have always been a frugal consumer. My sister calls me "cheap", my mom calls me "a tightwad"... but my stepdad calls me "sensible"... who is correct?

if I can find it used, I won't buy it new.
if I can live without it, I will wait years to find what I want at the price I want to pay
if it breaks I will fix it before even considering replacing it
if I find it really cheap but needing TLC, I will buy it and give it TLC
if I can cook it at home I won't order it at a restaurant
if I can get home for a meal I won't eat out
if I can get it from the library, I won't buy it

I have no problem donating my no-longer-needed, usable items to charities or friends instead of selling them
I feed my family very good food
I have good quality furniture and clothing
My family engages in somewhat expensive recreation
We always host the big holiday family meals

I believe quality is more important than quantity and saving for something I really want is well worth the wait. I don't want to buy something just because I can. And I don't want to waste resources buying new things that won't add anything more to my life.

I am bucking the trend, going against the grain, ignoring the Jones completely and living my own life.... in my family I am taking the road less travelled.

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