Hazards of Being a Packrat

Though my house is looking better all the time, my pack-rat to minimalist journey has only just begun.

I know this because:
  • I am still struggling with my systems not working.
  • Things still get lost.
  • I can still be late.
  • Things not regularly getting finished on time.
  • And there is ALWAYS an underlying sense of dread that am forgetting something really important
  • And there is always the fear that I am going to lose something really important at an inconvenient time (keys as I'm leaving the house, T4s when it's time to do taxes, checks when it's time to go to the bank....etc...)

But, I have to say, it really is getting better with every bag of (formerly loved) things that leave the house, and every decision NOT to buy something I want (fleetingly). I can see the results, I can feel the difference! And that gives me the strength to continue.

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