Yesterday I went to my sister's house and got serious about clearing MY stuff out of there from when our house was staged.

My husband almost cried over the volume of crap returning to the house.... he was loving the show-home level of clean and tidy.

Box after box stacked into the pickup truck (and I have one more trip to make!).  I decided to approach one box at a time before it came into the house and deal with the contents immediately before really letting any stay. I talked the boys into filling one box each of their stuff to donate (I bribed them) and collected one bag of trash. With my stuff I have filled 2 boxes (and counting) of donatable items, and one special box of more valuable stuff for my friend Spider's fundraising.

Still... I'm nowhere even close to coming to terms with the influx of belongings... ugh.

Smothered, smothered, smothered. The tea cupboard is ready to burst again, and so are the spices... a month without a dozen varieties of herbal tea wasn't really that bad.... maybe I should just ditch them. How many bags of different kinds of hot-chili rubs do I really need when only one of them is my favourite?

Obviously I still ahve some purging to do before this avalanche of new old stuff threatens to bury me.

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