Handing Over the Reins

Miss Minimalist is one of my regular reads. And one segment she does regularly is "real life minimalist" where the minimalist shares their journey in their own words... very cool stuff reading the different motivations for simpler living. This week it is Sandi, and her story is of living abroad and of being robbed a few times motivating her to really evaluate the true value of her possessions.

It got me thinking. My hang-up is not my desire to live with less, my stumbling block is making the decision of what to keep. How can I simplify this process?

Experiment Time:. I am going to let my sister "rob" me one afternoon. I will provide boxes and tape, and she can box up anything that she thinks I can live with out. If I don't miss the items after 60 days I will be donating the boxes to my friend Spider for her charity work....  if I do miss an item, my sister can remove it from the box (without me seeing what else is in there).

(Even writing this out gives me shivers of fear, so I think it could be a very telling exercise!)

I'll keep you posted as to when this will happen....

1 comment:

Spideyjen said...

Wow! What a radical idea! And brave!

It's definitely one way to see what you'd miss---but I think I'd use my Spidey senses to double-check if I thought something important had made it sway into a box by accident. That wouldn't ruin the experiment do you think? :)