Goal #7 Cables and Cords

Got a Gadget? It most likely comes with a cable or 2....

Goal #7
Reduce, organize the cables/cords to what is used/needed.

Background: Adapters, charges, connectors all over the place....my junk drawer is full of them.... what are they all for anyways?!

Challenge: Find the gadget that the cable/cord goes to and label the cord. Edit duplicates and redundant items.


Verdict: Mixed results. There were some charger cables that I just had no clue what they went to (and I'm afraid to throw them out in case the thingy show up needing a charge! BUT I did find a handful of USB cables that were identical, so I picked 3 favourites of varying lengths (one for each computer) for the many items they can be used with and donated the rest.

Process: Junk Drawer, office drawer, laundry room bin, bedroom side table, coffee table drawer... they all had cables! I pulled them all into one place and sorted the redundant from the good. (I really don't think I need 75 ft of phone cables anymore with all the cordless phones in the house). With the wireless router working so reliably these days, 4 different ethernet wires are redundant now too. Unfortunately it was a huge challenge finding the gadgets to go with the charger cables. The ones I found, I did label. the ones I did not find are now living in a clear plastic shoe box in my storage space. I'm not sure this goal is "done" exactly. But so far, it's taken a couple hours.... yes I'm that disorganized and had that many cables!

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Karen E said...

Must be the week for wrangling cables and cords. :-) Among those that got donated from me this week was one charger I never found what it charged. I kept it a couple days until I realized if I hadn't needed it in the past 6 months, I likely wouldn't and tossed it in with the others. Maybe set a time limit on that box?