Decluttering is a beautiful thing.
The process that liberates the space is like fresh air coming into my lungs!


That thing that isn't supposed to happen keeps happening -- I find myself "missing" things I have purged!

My niece was over playing with my old toys, and I found myself regretting not having my blond Barbie anymore for her to play with -- she is blond, so she likes blond dolls. And my Barbie clothes are VERY limited now. Then again for something that gets played with maybe once a year, it's quite probably enough! In the end she had fun with the Latina one (I kept the Korean, Japanese and Spanish) and still found enough outfits to have a great little plot going.

And I did get my hair cut. SHORT. Short hair needs product, but I'd already decluttered my short hair goos. I now have 1 mousse and 1 light hold hairspray to work with. At first I resented "losing" the stuff, but you know what? I figured it out WITHOUT buying anything new!

Sometimes I find myself looking for a book, trying to find an obscure serving dish or a bagged-out sweater that have already been let go. There is a pang of disappointment, doubt and maybe even regret. But it's just a pang, and I always seem to be able to find away around the lack without serious consequences.

I guess that means I didn't really NEED it after all, right?

I still have a LOOOOONG way to go in this decluttering process. More dragons to slay more hang ups to get over, more crap to wade through before I will truly feel successful at this.  But I am moving forward and every step feels lighter letting me know this is the right path for me.

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Karen E said...

You're handling it in the right way, when you feel that pang of longing for an already-decluttered item, take a breath and realize that what you still have will suit your needs just fine or you wouldn't have gotten rid of it. And really, your niece having fewer choices is probably good for her imagination. :-) I would cringe every time I saw my niece's room overflowing with toys.