Packing Perils

There is an interesting development around this packing thing.... As I pack I am deciding if an item is worth bringing along... completely predictable. Very similar to all the other times when I am decluttering (asking if it's worth the space it takes up) only a bit deeper because it involves the physical effort of finding a home for it in the new location.

The unexpected twist is that as I am wrapping things to put in boxes I am wondering... "If this breaks during the move will I want to replace it?"


You'd think because I want to bring it with me that it would be valuable enough to want to replace, but strangely there is very little that I would shed tears over if it broke! Maybe a temporary pang of waste, but not real remorse.

Wow. I've come a LOOOOONG way in my relationship with my stuff!

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Karen E said...

I'm doing this more and more too. There are things I've chosen to hold on to these last 6 months, but when I ask myself something similar to your question... the answer is nearly always no. It's at those moments I see the real possibility of fitting into a tiny house. It's the process of getting rid of stuff, trying not to think of the money wasted, that's hard for me, not so much that I'm so attached to the actual items.