Put Your Mind to It

I felt inspired this weekend to re-find my decluttering mo-jo.

The results speak for themselves....

12 pairs of socks - removed from the sock drawer
3 wheelbarrow loads of trimmings and weeds - taken off the property

And for serious progress... I was driving along and saw a bunch of furniture with a FREE sign on the side of a rural road. I had to check it out. Ugly coffee table, particle board dresser, a country style side board (pine maybe) and 2 FREE solid oak chest of drawers. They had tremendous potential - a little water damage and someone had shortened the legs but the style was pleasing and the brass keyholes and dovetail joining made me weak. Yes I stopped and considered them carefully, but  -  I left by the side of the road... so that counts as preemptive-strike decluttering!

I put my mind to it and got results. Hoorah!


Jennye said...

Whoa. I don't know if I could have resisted the chest of drawers. My hat's off to you!

Karen E said...

Good for you! If it's not something you need... it doesn't matter how cheap (or free) it is. =)