Out the Window

Goals, decluttering... all that good stuff is out the window right now.

There is no room for it with the trying to sell our house.

Okay that's not TOTALLY honest. I have moved out about 10 pounds of books to donate to the elementary school library and a couple bags of clothes that I no longer love or the kids have outgrown.

So the one and only goal is SELL THE HOUSE.

I feel hog tied with this goal though... the house is prepped, primped and priced to sell.... but I can force no one to view or make an offer or give me their money. Strangely the market has suddenly been FLOODED with listings driving the prices waaaaay down compared to even last year. My poor sister is feeling like a sucker for buying a home just 12 months ago (similar to mine) for $50G MORE than it would be worth today. But hey the pickings were really slim 12 months ago in this neighbourhood and she does LOVE her house, so it's no use having regrets about something so out of her control.

Out of control.... yes that's exactly what it is and it's a feeling I'm not comfortable with.

After all, this house is staged, it's bright, a great neighbourhood, quite new and has all the storage one could want in a family home. The inability to make people come see is devistating to my sense of self somehow.

But I digress.

This blog is about finding a minimalism that fits for me.

I will look again at my closet and remove the tattered, ill fitting and ugly.

I will look again at my books and decide which ones I can live without, or that can easily be put on my e-reader instead of taking up physical space.

I will find more DVDs to cull, I have the library to get them from now anyways.

I will go through the "just in case" supplies and remove the ones that only go with this house that we are living anyways.

I will streamline my digital photos to a better quality standard.

And that will have to do for now.

Until I move.

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Karen E said...

You're doing great! You can only do what you have access to right now. Think of it as great practice for when you get into your new home and can get back at the rest of your belongings. =)

The whole home-ownership thing is so... frustrating. Only a couple months after I bought my mobile home last year, I saw tons for much, much lower and they were in much, much better shape. I know I got ripped off. There's nothing I can do about it now. I'm hoping to be rid of this place in the next month or two and have no intention of doing this again...