Still swamped in boxes - 2 months after the move.

What is in all these carboard space-suckers?!

As I make the hard decisions about what will stay and what will be moving on, I find that the density of my stuff is increasing.

My husband put it perfectly, "The house is getting more homey but less roomy".

There has to be a way that we can keep the homey AND the roomy! With every item that is kept, there is a sacrifice of space and the time it takes to clean and maintain that item.

There is progress being made! Stuff is going out by the boxful every weekend. It just doesn't seem fast enough somehow. As this mighty mountain of boxes indicates.

How much of it is sentimental? Have I attached a moment of my life to the object that I am afraid to lose?

How much of it is habit? Am I keeping it because I've always had it?

How much of it is aspirational? Am I keeping it because I think I will read/play with/use it someday? Or that owning it fulfills some wish I had once?

What is certain is that the density of the stuff is getting too much. The spaces between the spaces is getting smaller with every unpacked box and I don't want that. I REALLY DON'T WANT THAT!

Enough is enough. I am drawing the line in the sand.


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