Finding my feet

Moving has been a challenge. Staging, packing, selling, more packing, moving, NOT unpacking because of renovating! But this delay in unpacking has been a blessing in disguise. It has been more than 2 months now since we got possession of this house. And many more months since decluttering for staging of the old house. That extended time without so much of my stuff has given me lots of time to reflect on my priorities. So much of what I am clinging to in these countless boxes adds no really value to my day to day life. In fact it is a distraction from what I truly love! With that in mind, my culling efforts have really picked up steam. The things that were crammed mercilessly into the old house do not belong in this home we are putting together here. Out of every box I am unpacking this last little while, about 1/2 is going straight into the "donate" pile. I have taken many more boxes to charity and bags of clothes too. (When I got here I was giddy about the walk in closet until it got too full to slide the hangers around... now they move freely, and giving each garment spece, shows more respect for the things I chose to keep. I have not won the war yet, but I feel like each battle brings me closer to success. At this rate I will be able to get a much smaller bookcase than I first thought I needed... and more importantly, my neat freak husband may actually be able to find peace in the living room soon!

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Karen E said...

Good job! I know I felt the same way when I finally went through all my clothing and ditched a ton of it. Opening the closet and seeing things hanging freely rather than crammed in is so nice. =)