GOAL #32 - Master Bedroom Containment

STRATEGY: Pull them out, look inside, dump them clean and only put back what I know to be useful or beautiful.

Here they are... the ones lying around the room (not including the closet containers). There is also a roll-out container under the bed that has novels in it.

Ties: Why so many for people that don't wear suits?

Tights: Why so many for a woman that rarely wears skirts except in the heat of summer?
(oh and I found some in a drawer and another basket in my closet!)

the Bu-bye ties:

the Bu-bye tights:

Hey! these suitcases are already empty! (and 2 of the round containers were too)
The small one is now re purposed as my "travel souvenir space" consolidating the items from my trips that are all around the house to a single, finite space that I can reminisce from whenever I want.

The big antique suitcase sold online in less than 24 hours! YAY CASH!
As for the other containers, some are redundant... I had one full of sewing bits and pieces and hardware! That was handy when the main sewing kit and hardware bins were in a hard-to-reach area of our old basement laundryroom. But in this house, they are easily accessible a few feet from my bedroom in tidy bins at the bottom of the linen closet. Now that hatbox is empty because everything went to the more logical home.
Slippers: I love them almost as much as cardigans! They make more sense in the clothes closet instead of a container on the floor (threw out a holey pair while I was at it)
And the now-empty baskets/boxes will be donated to my favourite thrift shop. That is harder than I'd like to admit. After all, these are pretty containers that I selected and purchased on purpose because of their looks and functionality.

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