GOAL #35 Kitchen and Dining

To remove the excess in order to reveal the right amount! That is the goal here. To make the important things stand out and not me smothered by the extraneous materials.

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”
― Michelangelo

No place is it more important to me than the kitchen!
Since this is a container challenge that I am going for right now, I won't be tearing into every cupboard and drawer this week. Just the containers that are lurking within. I have baskets that contain mixes, baskets that contain baking supplies, baskets that have "treats".

The dining room is very simple because I don't have too much extra stuff in there.... but I'll do it too.

This mission is to remove the outdated, expired, broken and unloved that don't belong here anymore. (And hopefully to remove a few containers and streamline while I'm at it.)

These items I no longer use/want in my kitchen:

Any items removed is good news!

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