Reality is a mean mistress

I look at all these things around, and am anguishing over how to FIX the lingering piles that are plaguing me.

I want a pretty, clean space. I know that means getting rid of everything that doesn't fit the vision.

I know it, but I have such a hard time DOING it. Cutting the fat as it were is tougher than it sounds as I look at the kid's art and the lego model, the costume sparkly necklace and my yoda figurine on my desk. They are so cute and fun on their own, but all together on my desk it looks messy.

The vision is worth the temporary pain, right?

Once these cute things are put away I will forget about them quickly, right?


Karen E said...

The more clutter you relieve yourself of, the more you'll enjoy your new clutter-free home and the less you'll want around. It is worth it and yes, you will forget most of these little items once they're gone. At least, I did. =)

Jennye said...

Yoda is essential.

All else is not. :)