The refrigerator.

In a home of food and cooking, the fridge is a "hot spot" of activity and mostly overflowing with the perishables and condiments of everyday cooking. And often this most used appliance can become a black hole of forgotten items.

Today was the day I mucked it out.

Consolidating multiples of sauces, tossing the expired salad dressings (why do I even buy them, they always expire before I even get 1/3 through them no matter how small the bottle), and washing the shelves and bins. Happily, thanks to more conscious shopping efforts, there has been little waste in the way of veggies (I wish there was never any waste of food, a goal I keep striving for).

It looks so much sparklier in there, and I know what I have. Very pretty results.

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Jennye said...

Having a clean fridge is so satisfying...I wonder if professional cleaning people ever specialize in fridges? Seems like there'd be rich people out there willing to pay for having a nice, bright, airy fridge experience, eh? :)