Size matters

When decluttering size does matter!

The size of the space you have and the size of the stuff you chose to keep.

There is the size of clothes that fit too.

Lots of folks have weight fluctuations, some of which are extreme, so I know this is a common dilemma for many people. When choosing what to declutter from the closets... How do I decide what sizes are clutter?

The old rule is that is it doesn't fit, look good or feel good then it automatically gets cut from the wardrobe. But in the last 9 months or so, my body has changed size (unfortunately larger than I am comfortable with). Some items I have given up because I barely wore them even when they did fit, but MOST of my summer-season pants that fit last year are really too small. Since I do think it would be in my health's best interest to lose the excess weight, I am hesitant about getting rid of perfectly good shorts and capris. Yet.

But, where is the line between aspirational clutter and a realistic frugal sensibility?
Is it one size difference?
Or is it a time limit like one year?
I really would like the convenience of only having things that fit in my closet.... And having the pretty clothes that don't fit mixed in with the few remaining bottoms that do fit does add some frustration to getting dressed. But at the same time I keep hoping the smaller clothes will motivate me to do what needs to be done to fit them again.

Does anyone have any ideas? All thoughts will be greatly appreciated?

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jennye said...

Between April and July of last year is when I lost most of my extra weight...like I said on the phone, I was glad I'd kept a little "aspirational" clutter. It was very satisfying to reclaim the things I'd worn, and ultimately to let those go too when I reached a healthier, and ALSO aspirational size for me. In a way, I was getting rid of clutter in my diet. (I think FlyLady said something similar...)
The sugar was definitely clutter for me.
And I think the benefits to your closet organization will pale in light of the benefits to your health. *cheering for you*