Bath time

Confession : I have 3 bathrobes.
A winter weight terry cloth one, a light short summer one and a modest between season one.
They.   Are.   All.  Hand-Me-downs. (from my sister)

The winter one was black with gold trim, it surely was elegant when it was new, but the black has faded and pilled and the gold is a bit frayed. It is so COMFY and very modest for lounging around with the kids so I have ignored its shortcomings - until now. I was suffering the stores out getting a pair of jeans for my growing teen and happened past a clearance rack with bathrobes. I found one that was ridiculously soft and cozy for under $15 at a store that I feel good about.

Long story short I have a new winter robe, brand new.

The old winter one is off to a different life as super-absorbent garage rags.

PS I did a deep sort of my youngest son's room yesterday and removed 2 grocery bags of broken bits and paper, as well as 2 decent boxes of forgotten toys that will be going to charity. His room functions better, and the dust rhinoceroses have been slain for now.

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