To find a balance

What do I have to do to find a balance?

Work <> Home
Family <> Friends
Future Security <> Fun Now
Possessions <> Breathing Space

I start all Gung-Ho to clear it out, clean the house, win the war on clutter... then I get hung-up on each item as I sort, and the accumulating grit and grime and then get interrupted before I even get a good start by clients, family, friends or my daily chores that can't be ignored.

As much as I want MEASURABLE IMPROVEMENT every day, sometimes I just have to find peace in the knowledge that life is good. REALLY GOOD even with the clutter, even with the dirt and chores and even with the endless interruptions and distractions.

Now less take time to put it into perspective:

I have family that is close enough to ask for my time
I have clients that pay me to help them
I have friends that want me around
I have a house to clean
I have food to eat, people to cook for, clothes to wash, and more things than I even want!

As I look at these roadblocks to my perfectly decluttered life, I must see them for what they are.
These distractions are truly blessings. And that is the balance I am looking for.

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