Decluttering Body

Through this journey of letting go, piece by piece, step by step I have discovered a lot about who I really want to be.  It's not exactly what I expected, but that's not all bad.

What is in my immediate surroundings is gradually being pared down to the useful and meaningful. Things that are in the NOW have taken a higher priority than things in the past (with a few exceptions). Liberating!

And as I evaluate and streamline what is on the outside, I have become more reflective and discerning about what goes on the INSIDE as well.

Part of my personal 2014 resolutions is to eat less processed foods. But that is only part of it nowadays. Since having a chest/head/cold/flu thing in February I became acutely aware of the ill effects sugar has on my metabolism. Oh sugar! I love the stuff. Sweet dairy hurts me now and bloat is a daily, constant annoyance making me feel older than I should.

After that flu shed the light on what I could be (my sense of taste was retarded while I was sick so sugar held no power over me... I lost 6 pounds of "water" in a week!) When I recovered I went straight back into old habits and gained it all back in a couple days. Then I made a pact with myself not to buy anymore of it. No more cookies, cakes (except birthdays), chocolate bars, etc... none of it has entered my shopping cart since March. We are still working through the stash I had built up. But not me or my husband, just the kids for lunch treats so it will trickle down slowly.

I'm finally past the point of being tempted by them. A little sniff and I get enough. We were even stuck out on the road well past dinner time and stopped at the national donut coffee shop chain and I found I didn't want a single thing in that whole shop! I was hungry all right, but I wanted a big handful of nuts, not a pastry.

Keeping myself accountable, I have been sending photos of my meals to my sister since April 1. She is trying the same thing.... here is what has been on my plate lately:

You may notice another ingredient that's missing other than refined sugar.... wheat!
Just an experiment at this point, but it has been surprisingly easy to stay away from.... except pasta, pasta is my go-to base for a lot of quick dinner items....

Having priorities shifted away from acquiring stuff has opened up the possibility of being a healthier me.

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